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Experience For yourself the wild and wacky world of Magician Trent! Combining Magic, Comedy and a wide array of excitement he creates a fun filled show that can only be described as a must see experience for all ages!

Magician Trent is an accomplished Magician, Social Scientist, and all around funny fellow. In 26 years he has performed thousands of shows in Canada and the United states. Two time Children’s Magician of the Year, and First Place Award at the Canadian Championships of Magic (Montreal 2009). Has performed at Schools, Churches, Libraries, Corporate Events, Fairs, Trade Shows, and many other Venues. Magician Trent and his Shows travel all of Canada, but you can most often find him in Beautiful British Columbia and Alberta.


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Educational Magic for Schools in British Columbia and Alberta

Approved Resource British Columbia Ministry of Education.

BULLY POOFING (not a spelling mistake)

Our most popular school program. The first motivational presentation in Western Canada to utilize the Olweus Bully Prevention Program and the Operation Respect “Don’t Laugh at Me” project.

Trent teaches the students about bullying and what to do if they have witnessed or been a victim of it. Trent will leave the students with a simple formula to assist them when bullied. Trent will show those who have bullied what they can do to repair the damage they have caused.

The program will help students decrease the instances of bullying. This presentation is also based on information from experts in the area of bully prevention including Barbara Coloroso and Dan Olweus.

An information package and program are left with each school. Effective programs are demonstrated to reduce the instances of Bullying by one half over a two-year period with administrators that support the initiative.


Kooky? Yup. Nutty? A Lot. Educational? Yeah, It’s That Too.

“Wacky Science” is more than just Whiz, Bang, Poof, and Pop!

It is also a nationally ranked, no holds barred, laugh riot that makes science easy to understand. Fifteen students participate on stage in wacky and off the wall, hands on lessons while discovering that simple household items can be used to perform quirky & crazy science experiments. Loads of surprises, comedy& goofy sounds combine in this perfect compliment to classroom activities.

The Wacky Science Show” is guaranteed to “bring the funny” and be one of the best science shows your students will ever see!

You’ll also learn the Scientific Method while laughing the whole time.

“This is the only elementary assembly program to ever receive our Dow Chemical “Touch-Tech” Award for excellence in hands on Science Education” – Dow Chemical Corp. Houston, Texas.

While students cheer the crazy antics, the teachers love these lessons: The Scientific Method, Physical, Mathematical, Acid Base Indicators, Levers and Simple Machines, Liquids, Solids, and Gases, Science Safety, Bernoulli’s Principal, and Chemical Reactions.

The Wacky Science Show” has been an incredible success. Trent has the exclusive rights to present the Wacky Science Show in Alberta and British Columbia. Call today to bring  “The Wacky Science Show” to your School.


An exciting and interactive program that will encourage students to live the 7 Habits and apply the “Leader in Me” program (Stephen R Covey, #1 Bestselling Author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Sean Covey) in their individual lives. The “Leader in Me” program is quickly becoming a positive growing trend in schools, “Inspiring Greatness, One Child at a Time”.

Schools that utilize the “Leader in Me” Material and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” report documented improvements in academic scores, reduced discipline problems, greater parent satisfaction, soaring student self-confidence, improved school cultures, and increased teacher pride. “Developing leaders one child at a time”.

The 7 Habits:

1) Be Proactive,
2) Begin with the end in Mind,
3) Put First Things First,
4) Think Win Win,
5) Seek First to Understand then to be Understood,
6) Synergize, and
7) Sharpen the Saw.

Each Habit will be presented with the help of several audience volunteers and involve every student. Students will come to an understanding that the 7 Habits will better prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow and help them realize what is important to each of them and their life’s ambitions. The 7 Habits are brought together to demonstrate that every habit is important and together will provide opportunities for the personal growth and development of each student.

All material is directly from the “Leader in Me” program, and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective kids”.

The “Tricks to Leadership” is designed to demonstrate the skills and make the 7 Habits memorable to students while emphasizing the “Leader in Me” material. Call or e-mail today to bring the “Tricks to Leadership” assembly to your school.


Created for schools that utilize “Character” education programs with their students. This assembly demonstrates the characteristics of a Fantastic Friend in a fun and exciting manner. Participants will gain a better understanding of the qualities and characteristics of a true friend. The presentation places a strong emphasis on each of us having these same positive characteristics to be the type of friend others desire also.  This assembly utilizes several aspects of the “Operation Respect” material. Several audeince volunteers participate in the presentation with an emphasis on Self Respect and Respect for others.

A program package will also be available to each school that has the Friends with Character presentation for their students. Call or e-mail today for more information or to bring the “Friends with Character” presentation to your school.


The first educational program Trent developed. This program will teach that “every book is a magic book” and “You can read yourself smart”. The program involves fun colorful magic that will leave the students entertained, with an interest to explore the school and public libraries.

Staff have commented that they enjoy the presentation as much as the students. This presentation has been modified on occasion to incorporate the theme of literacy week or a review of a special book. Trent will discuss options available or work on a new idea with you. The presentation ends with a motivational message about an individual who showed the world that we can change our lives through reading.


For your next Professional Development Day consider an informative and motivational presentation with Trent. A discussion on Bullying and the growing Gang Problem in Canada and the United States will help attendees gain an understanding of these important topics. An open discussion with Trent will provide information and tools to deal with these concerns. Information provided is based on the work of leading professionals and current research. Trent will review the key components of an effective bully prevention program and will provide resources to obtain the best programs available. Magic and visual learning aids make this presentation memorable and entertaining.

Family Corporate

Trent Performs at Family and Corporate Events including:

    • Birthday Parties (with Balloon Animals)
    • Weddings (M.C.), Family Reunions
    • Comedy Auctions
    • Trade Shows, Festivals, and Fairs
    • Corporate Comedy Shows, walk around.
    • Christmas Parties, etc…

If People are gathered…
Trent will bring the Entertainment!

Inquire about various entertainment packages available.

Trent was a blast to have at our son’s birthday party! He performed some amazing magic tricks interspersed with very witty comedy that made both the parents and kids laugh a lot! Trent was also professional- arrived on time and stayed a little longer than asked just to make some balloon animals for the kids. We were really pleased with his show and would recommend him.


Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are a specialty of Award Winning Magician Trent. Make your child’s birthday party a memorable event where the birthday child is the star of the show.

All parties include:

– a 45 minute award winning children’s magic show,

– Balloon sculptures,

– a special magic gift for the birthday child.

Ask about other options at time of booking.


What People are saying about Magician Trent Tinney

This is the best Presentation for Students that I have attended in over thirty years of Teaching


Edmonton Catholic

Trent performed a flawless magic show which captured the audience’s attention through fun, laughter, and amazement. His quick-wit and sense of humor combined with his passion for educating his audience on bullying prevention really enhanced the message of the entire event.  Our agency would recommend Trent for any School or event whose goal is to provide their audience with an entertaining and educational experience.

Michael Pugliano

V.P Marketing and Development

We have had a difficult time over the years finding someone with a show for our event that was appropriate for everyone. Yours was everything we could have hoped for and more.


Alberta Sheet Metal Constructions Association

Once again thank you, It was very entertaining and certainly helped hold people at our trade show booth.

Jared Morrison

Sales Manager, Alta West Mortgage Corporation

Thank you Trent for coming to our school with your great magic presentations. It was very much enjoyed by all staff and students.


Bonanza School

This is an excellent program that I would recommend for every School.


Edmonton Catholic

There’s something about magic that makes us feel like kids again – I absolutely loved it.


Pizza 73

I liked the magic show because Trent taught us about bullying and used magic to teach us…it was great.


Grade 4 Student, Bowden Grandview School

Trent, Thank you so much for coming out to our school, we really enjoyed having you here.

Staff and Students

Lomond School

Your show was very entertaining and everyone was laughing and had a great time.


Line-X Canada National Convention

That was Really, Really Amazing


M.L.A., Abbotsford-Mission

Trent performed his show for our Family Reunion three different times and did a fabulous job.

Judi B.

Magic has become the most effective way to insure companies maximize the use of their trade show budget.

The Wallstreet Journal

Trent was a blast to have at our son’s birthday party! He performed some amazing magic tricks interspersed with very witty comedy that made both the parents and kids laugh a lot! Trent was also professional- arrived on time and stayed a little longer than asked just to make some balloon animals for the kids. We were really pleased with his show and would recommend him.


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